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Chippenham - status report - 2255/5213
Written by admin (Graham Ellis) on Sunday, 13th May 2007

I popped in to Chippenham station when I was int he town yesterday (not by train - services to / from Melksham not running at appropriate times!).

a) They have racks (and racks) of timetables "A" for this coming week, and also new timetables from 20th May.  They have plenty of old timetables "E" for the TransWIlts service, but no new ones on display, and they didn't have a new one to give out either when I asked.

b) The bus stop in front of the station lists about 20 destinations served, with times, "From January 2007" but it still FAILS to list the 234 service to Lacock, Melksham, Semington and Trowbridge.

Someone in North Wilts doesn't seem to like West Wilts!

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6049
Written by Sion Bretton on Monday, 2nd July 2007

I had reply to my letter:

Dear Mr Bretton
Re: Timetable Information, Service 234
Thank you for your letter regarding the current availability of timetable information for the Number 234 service at Chippenham Railway Station.
I am very sorry if this has caused any inconvenience for you, and assure you that full timetable information is available in advance from Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or at I can assure you that I have passed your concerns on to our Bus Stop Liaison Officer, who has advised us that the timetable information at this stop is provided jointly between Wiltshire County Council and the Railway Station, not by us here at First Buses.
Our officer will pursue this matter with these authorities to ensure that they are made aware of the situation, so it can be addressed. You may wish to contact Wiltshire County Council direct if you have any further concerns regarding the facilities at this stop.
I hope you will feel reassured by our efforts and trust that you will observe an improvement in the facilities and information provided at this stop in the near future.
Should you have any further comments or queries regarding any aspect of our operation, please do not hesitate to contact me again and I shall do my best to be of assistance to you.

Yours Sincerely

Jill Reeves Customer Services

First Somerset and Avon Limited
Registered in England number 25C88
Mitglied Oldmixon Crescent, Weston-super-Mare, BS24 9AY

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6519
Written by Sion Bretton on Thursday, 26th July 2007

I have written to Wiltshire County Council
26 July 2007

Wiltshire County Council
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
Dear Sir,
Re: Timetable Information Service 234.
I have written to First  Group at Bath Bus Station but they have advised  me to write to Wiltshire County Council. ( see copy of letter).
I am writing  to know,  when will  bus timetable information for the 234 service Chippenham to Trowbridge/Frome at Chippenham Railway station will be on display at the Bus Stop there.
There service has been running for awhile now and this information is missing.

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6604
Written by admin (Graham Ellis) on Tuesday, 31st July 2007

[quote author=Sion Bretton link=topic=2255.msg6519#msg6519 date=1185459126]

I have written to First

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6606
Written by admin (Graham Ellis) on Tuesday, 31st July 2007

Further follow up ... I've made a couple of calls and found the gent at County Hall who owns up to responsibility for the bus stop in question and he will have it added in.  Fantastic to actually speak to someone who says "Yes, the buck stops with me on that".

Should be up "soon" ... I'll chase again if nothing done by mid August.

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6641
Written by Sion Bretton on Thursday, 2nd August 2007

Just to let you know things must afoot.
I was at the Station and check the bus stop, and the bus timetable showing times of buses has been removed.  :(

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6734
Written by Sion Bretton on Tuesday, 7th August 2007

I check the bus stop at Railway station at Chippenham now has a timetable up and Melksham is on it

SMILES ALL ROUND. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6756
Written by admin (Graham Ellis) on Thursday, 9th August 2007

This is excellent news for people travelling long distance to Melksham - something a simple as the bus times up at Chippenham Station will be so very helpful.

Note - I am aware that having a well advertised bus service (even though it's only for a part of the day) may lead to a lott of the occasional passenger of the train that runs at 18:58 ... but I would rather see the system set up properly for people to be able to use the most appropriate mode that's on offer.

Thanks to (I understand) the County Council for doing this.

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/6880
Written by courgettelawn on Wednesday, 15th August 2007

Hurrah!  This is good news.  It may seem like a small improvement, nay victory, but it is just such small actions like omitting timetables that cause services to be forgotten and then eventually axed.

Re: Chippenham - status report - 2255/7591
Written by admin (Graham Ellis) on Thursday, 13th September 2007

I note that the times of the bus are also listed under "Lacock" too.

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We mustn't loose sight, though, that the train service remains poor and needs our community support in marketing and campaigning to keep it going in a positive direction ... and all the more so when we're expecting to find a different normallity once we get out of the Coronavirus Pandemic and head for zero carbon via the climate crisis. Yes, it's saved ... it's now a key community facility ... the need for enhancement and the strong and near-universal local support remain, and the rail industry and goverment remain slow to move and provide the enhancements even to level us up with other towns. Please support the Melksham Rail User Group - now very much in partnership rather than protest with the rail industry and local government, including GWR, TransWilts and unitary and town councils. And please use the trains and buses, and cycle and walk when you can.

-- Graham Ellis, (webmaster), February 2021

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